Chinas impact on the world was very limited, even in East Asia.
George Magnus, author of the new book, Red Flags: Why Xis China is in Jeopardy, joined the Asia House Bagri Foundation Literature Festival to discuss the implications of this new era for China.
The second reason is the legacy of the cold war, which continues to exercise a profound influence on Western thinking and elsewhere too, though usually to a rather lesser extent.
Double click for full screen.Beoordeling: Log in om een review te schrijven.Martin Jacques asks: How do we in the West make sense of China and its phenomenal rise?What do you think of the role the reform and opening up has played in chinas extraordinary changes?

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This highly popular video of his lecture has over 200,000 views.
There was much debate as to what they meant, in particular to what extent they marked a deeper and longer-term shift in Western politics.
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