If you keep your pet's cage clean, smell shouldn't be an issue.
Because of this trait, it is unlikely that an owner will be able to tame the bird to sit on a hoe om wyn te maak finger or to really bond with the bird.
Canaries do not talk like African Grey parrots, but can often mimic a few notes of music and perhaps a word or two.Trending in Small Pets Small Pets Categories Choosing a Small Pet Pet Bird Overview Pet Fish Types and Care Pet Rodent Types and Care Rabbits as Pets Reptiles and Amphibians LoveToKnow, Corp., except where otherwise noted.He tries to avoid allowing people to pick him up, but once you do manage to catch him; he does not mind sitting on your lap for a while.My goats are quite friendly and happily follow me around, looking for a handout.However, baby quills are typically sharper than adult quills.Breeders can usually give references for good vets in the area.They are sweet and fun birds and are truly a backyard joy.

Canaries are certainly good first birds, but the question remains: are they good pets?
Wethers need to eat grass hay, not alfalfa, which can cause urinary calculi.
Aloof at times but at's how I would describe my own goats.
My goats are wethers, which means they are castrated males.
But are these birds really good pets?Do pygmy goats play?These animals must be handled carefully and securely, or they can easily be injured, especially if a young child accidentally drops his or her pet.In most states you cannot get a permit, as they are considered a threat to livestock.It was not the topic I was looking for It didn't have enough information It had errors or incorrect information It didn't seem trustworthy Something else Additional details: Pictures of Box Turtles Betta Fish Pictures LoveToKnow, Corp., except where otherwise noted.Tweety is a yellow canary for a good reason: they are popular pet birds and known for their singing abilities.Goats are social creatures that need another goat, horse, donkey or similar animal in order to be happy.Ducks, like chickens, are social creatures and need the society of a flock.If an owner is looking for a relatively low-maintenance bird that can sing, but doesnt scream or vocalize like larger birds, then yes, they are very good pets.They have specific needs and personalities, and one should examine one's expectations of goats as pets before making what should be a lifelong commitment to owning them.

Feeding canaries is relatively simple, as well.
Pygmies are absolutely the clowns of the barnyard.
Hedgehogs have a lot of good points that can make them a wonderful pet for some households.