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Some games korting kinderboekenmuseum he coded for the SAM are: Chicago, fifty-One, hare and Hedgehog, knights-Bridge.
At this time, Vincent was 35 year old.
Wolfgang was the proud owner of the cigarboxinterface, a one time only interface I built to connect ZX Spectrum hardware to the SAM Coupe which made it possible to use a kempston joystick on the SAM.After this question on your work, a few words about mine.It is a woman in a green dress (the bust olive green and grey skirt pale malachite green).Does the fault lie with Theo, who possibly has other things to think of, or with the not inconsiderable distance between us?This wallpaper is bluish-green with pink dahlias and spotted with orange and ultramarine.

Did you know that Theo is engaged, and is going to marry an Amsterdam girl within a relatively short time?
I mean as I write it, and without letting your powers of imagination run away with you too much.
Wolfgang Haller (, softography wolfgang became leader of the "Rainbow User" computer club in 1990.More occasions come to mind, like 'ZX-Team' in Dietges, 'Spectrology' in Wittenberg, 'Spectrumania' in Filderstadt, and there was Königswinter and Kassel.Should you meet Breitner, you have my permission to let him read this letter or tell him.As far as I know, I have seen absolutely none of your studies which you sent to Theo, in spite of my urgent request to you for one of your works.Among other things, last summer, two flower pieces with nothing but sunflowers in a yellow earthen pot.Enlarge "Still Life: Vase with Fourteen Sunflowers Vincent van Gogh.

He had to leave us far too early.