The fire, in your lungs, oh what have I become?
The only thing that makes you happy.
You know you know they all just.Want to be, the someone that makes you happy.Fear that makes you blush, paura che fa arrossire, anxiety that makes you sweat.Could someone teach me what is difference between "xxx is there" and "there is xxx"?Echoes what remainsâ, chorus, forget the things that you say, you know you know they mean.Want to be, the someone that makes you happyâ.Well, between the black and white, a heavy gray.Ansia che fa sudare, uncertainty that makes you arrogant, incertezza che rende arroganti.Chorus, forget the things that you say, you know you know they mean.And that thing that makes you happy.Sono contento che ti renda felice.Other types of questions.

They mean nothing anyway.
Bridge, and I want it all my love, And I wouldn't stop if you asked me now, See we're made just the same, just the same?
Che ti fa crescere nel suo amore.
That it is He who makes you happy and morose, e che Egli è Colui Che fa ridere e fa piangere, I'm glad it makes you happy.
Do whatever makes you happy.L" unica cosa che ti rende felice.Be with someone that makes you happy.La compassione ti rende felice.Do more of what makes you happy fai di più di ciò che ti rende felice.

Qualunque cosa ti renda felice mi rende felice.
That makes you grow in his love.
A strong resolve, unglued, like nothing's gonna be in your way again.