abend make up douglas

Wir haben es geschafft!; hell never make it through the winter ( survive) er wird den Winter nie überstehen?
The children make their own beds every morning.
He made me apologize to the teacher me hizo hete luchtballon maken pedir perdón or me obligó a pedir perdón al profesor you can't make me (do it) no puedes obligarme (a hacerlo) I was made to wait for an hour me hicieron esperar una hora to make.
Cuántos calculas que hay?
Midway Island and quite suddenly, the worst suspicions of Navy squadron commanders were confirmed.To make a profit faire des bénéfices to make a loss subir une perte ( cause to become ) to make sb sad rendre how to make sql database online qn triste to make sb angry mettre qn en colère to make sb famous rendre qn célèbre to make sth into.Hast du was dagegen?( place ) essere diretto /a a, avviarsi verso; ( subj, ship ) far rotta verso.

(UK) Komu si mu stovat?
io faccio le 6 what do you make of this?
A tool-maker; a dressmaker.
He made up the whole story.
To make sb's day Meeting you has really made my day!Another.30 caliber Colt/Browning was mounted in the rear gunners position.Che cosa te lo fa pensare?A world of make-believe; ( also adjective ) a make-believe world.( gen ) fare ( Comm ) produrre, fabbricare ; ( building ) costruire ; ( points, score ) fare, segnare God made the world Dio creò il mondo she made the material into a dress con la stoffa ha fatto un vestito made.Tôi có th gi in thoi quc t âu?How are you making out on your pension?This blister was a breech fairing rolschoffel maken for the Colt/Browning.50 caliber.

( complete ) completar I paid 200 and my parents made up the difference pagué 200 libras y mis padres pusieron la diferencia we need someone to make up the numbers necesitamos a alguien para completar el grupo.
( cause to succeed ) this film made her esta película la consagró he was made for life se aseguró un porvenir brillante to make or break sth/sb this deal will make or break him con este negocio o fracasa o se asegura el éxito.